Slime Rancher - Crystal Slimes!!!!

author Caden Brenize   1 years ago

I made a video of a new slime rancher world by myself. I LOVE CRYSTAL SLIMES!!!!

Today I show you the location for Rad Slimes and Crystal Slimes and I also give you a few tips on how to get some easy achievements!

Welcome back to skylab gaming. In this guide I will show you the location of all the new resource treasure pods. These handy green and blue treasure pods contain rare resources that will help you build all sorts of things from the refinery. That slime hopp you've had your eye on is right around the corner, let's get wiggly! -- Game:

Piggy has a nightmare about slimes that comes true!!!

Slime Rancher:

En el episodio 25 de Slime Rancher, visitamos las nuevas cuevas agregadas en la actualización y encontramos Crystal Slimes! ↘️ ABRIR ↙️ ♥ ¡Espero que les guste y les sea útil! ♥ 🎮 ¿Querés comprar Los Sims o cualquier otro juego? 🎮 ¡Ofertas y los mejores precios! Canal de Vlogs : Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google +:


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