IDUBBBZ DISS TRACK - Rap Roasts #1 | Dan Bull (Sorry RiceGum, I beat you to it)

author Dan Bull   3 mounths ago

No RiceGum, I won't ghostwrite for you, leave me alone.
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Words: Dan Bull
Music: Otis McDonald c/o YouTube Audio Library (,

Disclaimer: "I decided to make this series as a work of creative passion and not because YouTube's algorithm has changed to favour longer, consistent video series, surface-level audience interaction, and petty low brow drama, forcing creators into a narrow avenue where experimentation and variation is severely punished."

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#ad - Download Immortal Conquest: North America ► Europe ► I spend most of my time on this game trying to take other players' territory while they're sleeping. Thanks to everyone involved in making this video happen... my opponent Drew (, New Code, NetEase, Storybox Creative, Dustin Hawley, Don Bug, Nick J Henderson, and everyone else! ► Subscribe for more game rap: ► Hear all my songs but not this one in my mega Spotify playlist: ► Dan Bull main channel: MORE DAN BULL: ► FB: ► Twitter: ► Spotify: ► T-shirts, hats & loot: ► Become a patron of Dan: CREDITS: Words: Dan Bull, Drew Hernandez, Jon Lang, Nick J Henderson Music: Dustin Hawley Video: Storybox Creative DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of NetEase as an advertisement for the video game Immortal Conquest.

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