Hearthstone : Deck Tech Arch Thief Priest Journey to Un'goro

author AmigoGP   7 hours ago

Sometimes you feel like your opponent has more powerful cards in they're deck then in your deck and you can't beat them.Well why not ''borrow'' some of his cards for your own use.Today we are trying to get a lot of value from our opponets and see what kind of combos we can create .Hope you enjoy :)
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Deck List:
2x-Crystalline Oracle
2x-Northshire Cleric
1x-Potion of Madness
2x-Power Word Shield
2x-Netherspite Historian
2x-Shadow Visions
1x-Shadow Word Pain
2x-Curious Glimmerrot
1x-Mirage Caller
1x-Shadow Word Death
2x-Priest of the Fiest
2x-Shifting Shade
2x-Twilight Drake
2x-Drakinid Operative
1x-Holy Nova
1x-Book Wyrm
1x-Dragonfire Potion
1x-Herald Volazj
1x-Primordial Drake
1x-N'zoth,the Corruptor

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