Version cancion Batman arkham knight:"a hero forms" 1 hora

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Hola a todos bienvenidos a este nuevo video del canal y esta vez estamos en la version de 1 hora de la cancion de batman:arkham knight llamado"a hero forms"
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Derechos de la cancion de:TryHardNinja | VIDEO GAME SINGER
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◢Get the song or album◣ ▻iTunes: ▻Google Play: ▻Amazon: ▻Bandcamp: ▻Lyrics: Everyone involved: TryHardNinja - singer, song writer, lyrics, video editing JT Machinima - rapping, rap lyrics Peter Litvin - instrumental, music production Batman Arkham Knight music video for my original Batman Arkham Knight Song featuring JT Machinima. You can download the song by clicking any of the links above. Thank you all for your support of my music. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more music: Twitter:

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