Modern Art made in 8-bit

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Play Version 2.0 now: A number of people complained about the "food bosses: in AKR2, so for version 2.0 I reskinned all the non-Mario bosses as mushroom related entities. Version 2.0 includes tons of new art, new mechanics, and refined controls. Boss 1: Shroomario 0:02 Boss 2: The Colossal Muertoshroom 1:29 Boss 3: Fungumbrel 2:58 Boss 4: The Great Sir Lord Willenby Huxley Shroomingmyer III Esquire P.H.D. and Philanthropist Extraordinaire 4:14 Boss 5: Ribbupp 5:13 Music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal: Flying Through Pixel Land by mooseymaniac

Green Screen video by: sive more

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

This Music is from Pikmin the orginal and this is the Forest Navel is the third area in the game. The Pikmin 1 music can be found here

Hope you enjoyed!! SUBSCRIBE for more!!! Music: Pregunten - El Saña


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