YTP - The Lion Thing (30K Sub Special)

author Yoshimaniac   2 years ago

Long time no see, eh? I hope this one was worth the wait. Probably my best video this year so far. Hope you enjoy.

Elephant Rave part isn't mine, it's from Waxinator.

Also I know i'm not at 30K just yet, but i'm close so I just consider myself there.

Mike Wazowski just can't catch a break.

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Creators and original clips 0:00- Undertale "The Bone Zone 3 - A Bone to Pick" (An Undertale Dub Collection) by Wosh ur Bones- 0:31-IT'S A NICE CREAM TRUCK (meme) by Snowy Seal - 0:38-Undertale Short - Shimeji by Cry - 1:20- When I`m Chara [ Drop it - Undertale Genocide Version ] by Crystal Clod - 1:35 and 4:18- KOOKI FUNDUBS #7: MORE MORE Undertale Comics by UkieKooki - 1:59- *Determination. - Undertale Animation by Camila Cuevas - 3:39 - Cooking With Undyne - UNDERTALE Animation by Natar - 4:31-Sans Can't Have Coffee [UNDERTALE ANIMATION] by my internet sucks - 4:59- Undertale "The Bone Zone 5 - Bone to Be Wild" (An Undertale Comic Dub Collection) by Wosh ur Bones - 6:35 - Undertale: Moldsmal by SzaniChan - 7:16 - Undertale Comic Dub: Baby Sans II by Jordan Productions - 7:38 - Papyrus Isn't Allowed Espresso, anymore by Jackillynn - 7:50 - Have you ever heard of a talking flower? by GeckoFrog - If you wanna more write about it in comments.All of this awesome videos belong to original authors.And Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.And...holy m$$$$$$$$$r it's an ice cream truck!

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i'm back, i think.


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