YTP - The Lion Thing (30K Sub Special)

author Yoshimaniac   1 years ago

Long time no see, eh? I hope this one was worth the wait. Probably my best video this year so far. Hope you enjoy.

Elephant Rave part isn't mine, it's from Waxinator.

Also I know i'm not at 30K just yet, but i'm close so I just consider myself there.

fishy fishy

thanks for the support boyz and girlz! enjoy!

Strangem 10 likeuri?

Bet you weren't expecting this, were you? After about 2 and a half weeks of editing, it's finally done. This is the last Sos Story before the 4th one, which will probably be in 2018. This was a pretty hard YTP to make. Hope you enjoyed this one. Follow my (not very active) twitter:

La celebre scena della morte di Mufasa in cui Scar dice: "Lunga vita al re" e poi lo butta di sotto e Mufasa muore. Una scena strappalacrime del re leone che è anche una metafora della vita. Da questa scena si apprende che è sempre sconsigliato parlare male delle madri e che non lo si dovrebbe mai. Mai più. MAI PIU'. Zequila docet. FACEBOOK ✏️🎨 ► INSTAGRAM 📸 🗣 ► T-SHIRT e BAGGIANATE 👕📱🔮 ► E-MAIL COMMERCIALE 📩🖋 ► E-MAIL D'AMORE 💌 🍷 ►


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