Batman Arkham Knight - Ending, Joker's Fear, Batman Unmasked, Scarecrow Defeated

author calloftreyarch   3 years ago

Joker's biggest fear, Batman's identity exposed in front of Gotham, and more for a very explosive ending to the Arkham Series.


Splash the like button for more Batman Arkham Knight! Chris Smoove T-Shirts! My Batman Arkham Knight Playlist! Stay up to date with the series! 5:40 Skip ahead to beginning of Knightfall Protocol This is the full true 100% secret ending for completing Batman Arkham Knight. To get this ending you must complete all 14 most wanted side missions. This includes capturing Scarecrow, Riddler, Two Face, Penguin, Dr. Kirk Langstorm, Simon Stagg, Deathstroke, Firefly, Deacon Blackfire, Chief Underhill, and Professor PYG. My Website, Facebook and Twitter!/Chris_Smoove

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My favorite part in all of the story mode. (Yes , I am am aware of how poorly I did this fight) I hopped straight into story mode when this came out and just wanted to know the story first before playing and learning the characters. If you like the video please hit like and Subscribe and I will be coming out with more content.

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