Shadow Of War - What Happens When You Make Blood-Brothers Fight

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Middle-earth SoW Shadow of War sending a loyal blood-brother to kill his blood brother in a duel, see what happens Support me/Donate: Follow me on Twitter: Become my Patreon:

Shadow of War - Blood Brother - Blood on Blood Achievement/Trophy Guide - Make a Captain kill his bloodbrother. More Shadow of War: Subscribe: Use a worm to gain intel on the army and find two captains that are Bloodbrothers (located in the 2nd tab). Now, go and dominate the higher level captain in order to make him a follower. You can also train this follower to make him a higher level and/or shame the enemy captain to bring his level down. Next, you'll want to Command your captain with a Kill order on his Bloodbrother. This will generate a mission that you'll want to visit. Additionally, make sure that neither of the captains are on a mission while you assign it, you can Advance Time if necessary. During this mission, you want your follower to kill his bloodbrother making sure he gets the final blow. You can help weaken the enemy but it is not recommended because this might cause your follower a Betrayal. A captain might flee, in which case you will need to repeat the Kill order. As your follower kills his Bloodbrother the achievement will unlock. Support Maka91Productions on Patreon -- Additional Credits: Carlseh, MclovinLegend, CultGamerAlliance, Camran Riaz, Coolerhash, NoblestSteed,, Inferno217 & hamadriano.

Wait until the End; it's fucking hilarious! A highlight from my Blood Brother Captains; Prak the Deranged & Shaka Bloodstoker! Also, I love how this is easily my most viewed video on the channel, so far. Holy shit, over 300,000 views! That's shocking; this one video has just exploded in comparison to what I was expecting.

When you go through all the Bruz The Chopper quests in the game you shame him worse than death which breaks his mind and makes him go crazy this is me facing Bruz after that happens in the game if you guys enjoyed don't forget to leave a like. You can check out my twitter here:

This video will show you how to make Bruz an overlord in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War! This video does not contain spoilers! Getting Bruz The Chopper as an Overlord is pretty straight forward and simple but if you have any questions feel free to ask! Don't forget to comment whether or not you like Bruz! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe here: Keep up with me on social media here: Twitch: Mixer: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outro Music: Music: Blackbear - Idfc (Tarro Remix) Outro Music Link: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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