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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Gun Game in "Nerf Gun Game 5.0!" The first player to get a kill with all 20 weapons wins. Check out the Behind the Scenes: NERF BLASTERS USED! 1. Persuader 2. Dart Tag Hyperfire 3. Sidestrike 4. Hammershot 5. Longarm 6. Diatron 7. Flipfury 8. Stockade 9. Alpha Trooper 10. Recon 11. PerfectSmash Football 12. Lawbringer 13. Battlescout 14. Rival Atlas 15. Rival Khaos 16. Mega Mastodon 17. Stratobow 18. Crossbolt 19. Swift Justice 20. Fists NERF OPS! Team Deathmatch: Free For All: Gun Game 1.0: Gun Game 2.0: Gun Game 3.0: Gun Game 4.0: Gun Game 5.0: One in The Chamber: Zombies: Zombies 2.0: Sticks And Stones: Star Wars: SOCIAL MEDIA! Thanks for watching! Aaron :)

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Jeffy gets a bike for getting good grades on his report card!

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