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Спасибо всем подписчикам,ведь стараюсь для вас,да и без вас не было бы и канала. Кто хочет оказать материальную поддержку каналу.(Каждая копейка пойдет на его развитие,а не дошики.)
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Группа в ВК

Зовут меня Илья,живу в городе Братске.
Коротко о моем компе:
Процессор AMD FX 6300.
Оператива Kingston ValueRAM [KVR16N11S8/4] 4 ГБ,2шт.
Видеокарта Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti EXPEDITION OC [EX-GTX1050TI-O4G].
1. За большое кол-во мата кидаю мут на 300 сек.
2. Не пиарить свои каналы ( Дозволено только избранным).
3. Не оскорблять модеров,стримеров и других зрителей. Вот и всё.

◙В Need For Speed: Carbon, продолжении Most Wanted'а, нам рассказывают предысторию главного героя, о том, почему же ему пришлось бежать из родного города в Рокпорт. Но, увы, никто не знает каким образом он там оказался и откуда у него та самая BMW. В данном ролике я расскажу о том как, теоретически, это могло произойти. Приятного просмотра ;-) ◙Музыка: DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya ◙Группа ВК — ◙Спасибо за просмотр ;-)

Hey all! I decided to make videos like that to light things up in NFS series games. ---------------------------------- How to reproduce? 1) Download NFS-VltEd v4.5: 2) Extract it anywhere. 3) Get the modscript: (Click "Raw" and save the page with .nfsms extension (All Files).) 4) Open NFS-VltEd v4.5. 5) Click File 🔻 Open (Ctrl+O) and select your game installation directory. 6) Click File 🔻 Import ▶ ModScript (Ctrl+I) and select the .nfsms file you downloaded in step 3. 7) Click File 🔻 Save. (Ctrl+S) 8) Start the game with a new career and enjoy! ---------------------------------- Thank you for watching! #RoadTo5KSubs

Razor's MostWanted BMW M3 GTR is available for test drive for all players in NFS Edge as a daily login reward. Unfortunately... it only comes in white, and does not have that iconic livery. So this video showcases the current freedrive build of Need For Speed Edge as well as 3 item race mode which is powerup races similar to Blur and Mario Kart. Unfortunately this game is locked at 30FPS. NFS Edge is the Korean/Chinese version of Need For Speed Rivals but with a more focus on PvP and esports. It's free to play. Join the NFS Edge discord to install and play this game, they have all the installation and setup guides there: Timeline: 0:16 - Free Roam with BMW M3 GTR 3:30 - Desert Circuit, Mario Kart mode 7:17 - Grand Peak Downhill, Mario Kart mode 9:41 - Redwood Hill, Mario Kart mode A number of you mentioned how this game is without free roam. Well technically there is, but it's walled off. It is unknown whether it will stay that way or the map will open up in the future. This game as 4 game modes. Normal Race, Team Race, Drift event and Item mode race which is all the 3 races here. Now for the car, the game gifts you the car for test drive as a daily login reward and you can race it 5 times before it's gone. As for the handling... it's really really bad. Like Rivals, this game is drift to win but this M3 GTR just refuses to drift and you must force it via handbrake. It is unknown whether they will change the handling in the future because in an upcoming patch, they are addressing the poor performance of JDM cars. Now for the powerups, there is Ion Cannon and Helicopter, both disables your opponent's car system and significantly reduce their current speed. A number of powerups you are probably familiar with from NFS Rivals such as Shock Ram, Spike Strips and ESF. Shockwave however, instead of a blast around your car, you deploy an ion cannon blast in front of you. Smoke screen creates a cloud of smoke and lastly, the 2 catchup powerups. Rush and Infinite NOS. Infinite nitrous is straight forward, Rush is basically super turbo + ESF. Turbo is useless at the moment as it barely provides any accel compared to NOS.

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Porsche Carrera GT vs BMW M3 GTR. Car used vs #1, Carerra GT. Car used in FInal Pursuit, BMW M3 GTR. Enjoy folks, and have a happy new years!


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