Not "#1" - Just a Dude Having Fun | Call of duty WW2 MULTIPLAYER | Prestige 4 | COD WW2 STREAM #19

author Skilled Apple   3 mounths ago

Unlike everyone else, I won't pretend I'm #1. I'll just actually be fun to watch. Welcome to your new favorite streamer.

Call of Duty WW2 is here. We finally have returned to boots on the ground gameplay - I’m super excited to say that this Call of Duty is the first good one in years! When I was younger, I fell absolutely in love with COD 4, MW2, MW3, And Ghosts! I hope that this Call of Duty game can capture the gameplay that once made me fall in love to begin with. Let’s also see if I can hit prestige master - I haven’t done that since Black Ops 3.

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