Lucas Green Ranks The Harry Potter Movies - PART 2

author Lucas Green   1 mounths ago

Yesterday I got Lego Harry Potter Collectors Edition, and here is some footage of the fun the cast and crew have on the HP set :D

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Did you enjoy Fantastic Beasts? This fan film explores Grindelwald and Dumbledore in their youth! Check out behind the scenes here: You can now hear the full soundtrack by the uber-talented Alexander Arntzen and Juan Carlos Enriquez! Now with Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian Czech and Hungarian Subtitles. More coming soon! Please message if you wish to contribute. Set almost a hundred years before "The Sorcerers Stone", it is the end of a friendship, the beginnings of the dark wizard Grindelwald, and the tragedy that left the Dumbledore family in ruins. Written and Directed by Justin Zagri Starring Josh Brodis, Christopher James Cramer, Colin Goodridge, and Kari Swanson. Visual Effects by Jake Akuna and Amy Carpenter Music Composers Alexander Arntzen and Juan Carlos Enriquez Sound mixing by Jordan King Camera Operators - Zero Kazama and Peter Donaghy Makeup by Patty Carrillo Additional Effects by Mike Schaffnit Special Thanks Leetal Platt All materials and characters of Harry Potter are owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros Studios. This is a non-profit, exhibition only fan film.

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We the Harry Potter Wiki to grab all the spells, and used YARN to search for the clips ( It's like magic. If you liked this video try our Harry Potter quiz: More info here: Here are the individual clips of YARN: Oculus Reparo. Alohomora. Alohomora? Wingardium Leviosa. Off you go, then. Wingardium Leviosa. Wingardium Leviosa. Wingardium Leviosa. Wingardium Leviosa. Lacarnum lnflamarae. given special quills bewitched with an Anti-Cheating Spell. Neville, I'm really really sorry about this. Petrificus Totalus. Alohomora. Alohomora! Oculus Reparo. Peskipiksi Pesternomi! Immobulus! One, two, three. Vera Verto. Mr. Weasley. "One, two, three. Vera Verto. ". Vera Verto! Finite Incantatem! Brackium Emendo! Three! - Expelliarmus! Two. - Everte Statum! Rictusempra! Serpensortia! Allow me, Professor Snape. Alarte Ascendare! Vipera Evanesca. Wingardium Leviosa. Cistem Aperio! Arania Exumai! Arania Exumai! Arania Exumai! Obliviate! Lumos Maxima. Lumos Maxima. Lumos Maxima. Lumos Maxima. Lumos Maxima! After me. Riddikulus! Riddikulus! - Very good. Riddikulus! - Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Aresto momentum! Then speak the incantation, Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. - Very good. Expecto Patronum! Expecto... Expecto... Expecto Patronum! Expecto Patronum! Mischief managed. Nox. Expelliarmus! ...


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