[Hearthstone] Die, Insect! (40 Damage OTK, Thaurissan Fun)

author HS Combos   3 years ago

This 40 damage OTK was achieved by Emperor Thaurissan proccing twice, without the help of ancestral spirit (so it's even less reliable to pull off than usual). It's possible to do it from a single Thaurissan proc, but you need to Far Sight into Ragnaros or Baron Rivendare (which out of about 20 attempts happened once, and I died that game). There's a 48 damage variant from two Thaurissan procs (can you can figure it out?), that's for another day ;)

Cards used: Ragnaros, Baron Rivendare, Ancestral Spirit x2, Reincarnate

A quick play around with the new druid card Astral Communion. When this card works it really works, although calling it a YOLO play the way I used it would be accurate. Sometimes they just don't have hex in hand, you know? The new druid removal Mulch also gets a showing, choke on that BGH ;) Hearthstone is an online collectible card game created by Blizzard, with PvP and PvE content themed around World of Warcraft. https://www.facebook.com/HSCombos

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Patches the pirate can be used in fun ways. Honest guv. Here's an example in wild mode. Cards used: Patches the Pirate, Ship's Cannon x2, Wild Pyromancer, Shadowstep, Ship's Captain I've recently got back into Hearthstone, so there may be some more content soon. OTKs, fun wild decks, arena, talking about the new expansion, whatever I fancy really (aka anything but standard, unless I can squeeze an OTK in there somehow). Hearthstone is an online collectible card game created by Blizzard, with PvP and PvE content themed around World of Warcraft. OTK refers to one turn kill, a special form of gameplay where you can kill the opponent in a single turn, without relying on minions or weapons on board from a previous turn. OTKs are rarely viable in competitive gameplay, but as the flashy trickshots of the Hearthstone world, they are very entertaining.

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