[Hearthstone] Die, Insect! (40 Damage OTK, Thaurissan Fun)

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This 40 damage OTK was achieved by Emperor Thaurissan proccing twice, without the help of ancestral spirit (so it's even less reliable to pull off than usual). It's possible to do it from a single Thaurissan proc, but you need to Far Sight into Ragnaros or Baron Rivendare (which out of about 20 attempts happened once, and I died that game). There's a 48 damage variant from two Thaurissan procs (can you can figure it out?), that's for another day ;)

Cards used: Ragnaros, Baron Rivendare, Ancestral Spirit x2, Reincarnate

A quick play around with the new druid card Astral Communion. When this card works it really works, although calling it a YOLO play the way I used it would be accurate. Sometimes they just don't have hex in hand, you know? The new druid removal Mulch also gets a showing, choke on that BGH ;) Hearthstone is an online collectible card game created by Blizzard, with PvP and PvE content themed around World of Warcraft. https://www.facebook.com/HSCombos

Shaman's spin on a minion-based OTK with the help of Emperor Thaurissan, Leeroy Jenkins, and Windfury. 72 Damage using 10 mana and 8 cards (all of which need to be discounted by Emperor Thaurissan), seems reasonable. Cards used: Leeroy Jenkins, Abusive Sergeant x2, Rockbiter Weapon x2, Windfury, Flametongue Totem, Faceless Manipulator You didn't think the title meant this would be an angry chicken OTK did you? Tough break :P

With the release of Gorillabot A-3, comes a more reliable way to bend the two-of rule with regard to mechs (the rule that means you can only put two of a specific non-legendary card in a deck, and only one of a specific legendary). Mimiron's Head is a mech, a very squishy mech you are normally hesitant to play even in the best of situations (nine times out of ten removal crushes your hopes and dreams). As Joey Tribbiani once said, put your hands together ;) Skip to 0:00 for Voltron in every class. Skip to 9:42 for some highlights and lowlights on the journey. Skip to 14:19 for an example of why being able to choose a situationally good mech with Gorillabot can be great. Skip to 18:25 if you want to have a bad time. Hearthstone is an online collectible card game created by Blizzard, with PvP and PvE content themed around World of Warcraft.

The Ultimate OTK, but it requires a large amount of setup. Step 1: Get 4 Sorcerer's Apprentice in hand with Echo of Medivh Step 2: Get Archmage Antonidas in hand Step 3: Play Emperor Thaurissan Step 4: Savour the tears The deck I used has an epic 5% win rate. In casual :P Find the deck here: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/219701-cheese-freeze

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