Batman: Arkham Knight - Most Wanted Walkthrough - Part 8: In From the Cold

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Batman Arkham Knight Mr. Freeze In From The Cold - Most Wanted Batman Arkham Knight Most Wanted In From The Cold Subscribe Here Twitch Channel Here Be sure to drop a like and leave a comment below.

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: Follow GLP on Twitter - Follow GLP on Instagram - Like GLP on Facebook - Watch more from the Arkham Series: We never got a chance to do this excellent DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. We played this on the PC on high settings, so it could look amazing. We are also redoing all the Arkham games leading up to Arkham Knight, and updating the Complete Saga vid, which never had Arkham Origins and was done on the 360. On the PC it looks amazing! On New Year's Eve, GothCorp industrialist Ferris Boyle wins the Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award at the New Year's Eve Ceremony hosted by Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor. Just as they are about to celebrate an explosion knocks people off their feet, also creating a large iceberg along with several people being frozen. Penguin's henchmen enter just as a tall, heavily armed man in a mechanized suit with a freeze ray demands to see Ferris Boyle. Bruce searches for Alfred, but is captured by Penguin's henchmen. Alfred is knocked unconscious when attempting to fight back, causing Bruce to snap and retaliate by subduing them all. Alfred watches over the guests, while Bruce enters the Batcave via the wine cellar. He learns that the man's name is 'Mr. Freeze' and Alfred suggests donning the XE suit. Since it's not ready to be tested, Bruce dons the original Christmas Eve suit. Batman makes his way back to the Manor, where the power starts to go off as the thugs start to torch the mansion. Alfred and the guests are recaptured, forcing Batman to save them all. As always, we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy Edited by Yofatdaddyyy Our 2nd Channel GLP TV: BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

FULL HD Playthrough of the "In From the Cold" Mr. Freeze Season of Infamy DLC Side mission! This is one of my favorite side missions in the Season of Infamy, and I absolutely loved it! I hope you guys enjoyed my reaction to it! Drop a LIKE for December DLC hype! ALL Other DLC Side Mission Playthroughs (As they go live) In From the Cold (Mr. Freeze)- Wonderland (Mad Hatter)- Beneath the Surface (Killer Croc)- Shadow of War (Ra’s Al Ghul)- ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- Subscribe!- Click to Apply for a Youtube Sponsorship!- Follow Me on Twitter!- Add me on Xbox Live: HavoK Slikk Contact me for any personal and or Business reasons! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Other Fun Videos: Never Before Seen Joker Easter Egg!- Killer Croc in Arkham Knight?!- Who SHOULD Have Been the Arkham Knight? - ---------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­———— Game Information: Batman will go against "legendary super-villains invading Gotham City with new story arcs, missions and gameplay features.” Killer Croc has escaped from his maximum security cell in Iron Heights Penitentiary and is wreaking havoc on the crashed airship. Beneath The Surface is a Gotham's Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight. The Season of Infamy DLC is required to unlock the mission. Killer Croc serves as the villain. The Arkham Knight's Militia have stolen Nora from Victor Fries and Batman must save her before she dies. Mad Hatter has turned himself into GCPD and captured three of their finest, and it is up to Batman to save them all. The League Of Assassins has returned to Gotham City, but what is their motive and who is in charge? In December, the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion will appear in your Gotham City, with each one approximately the similar length as the Most Wanted missions in the main game. Mad Hatter is playing a sinister mind-game with Batman, and GCPD’s finest are the pawns. Killer Croc has escaped from his maximum security cell and is wreaking havoc on a crashed airship. The League of Assassins has returned to Gotham City, but what is their motive and who is in charge? And Mister Freeze may be closer than ever to completing his life’s work… but at what cost? -The Batmobile: Gamers have demanded it, and Batman: Arkham Knight delivers. The all new Batmobile sits at the heart of the gameplay experience and augments Batman's abilities in every respect. -Next-Gen Gotham City: Harnessing the power of the next generation of games systems, the entirety of Gotham City has been created in immense scale and with intimate detail offering players a truly legendary next-gen game world.rnessing the power of the next generation of games systems, the entirety of Gotham City has been created in immense scale and with intimate detail offering players a truly legendary next--gen game world. -The Epic Conclusion to a Legendary Trilogy: Rocksteady Studios returns to the helm of the multi-award winning franchise. Scarecrow is back to wreak his revenge against Batman joined by a completely new and original character, the Arkham Knight. -Be The Batman: Batman, the Batmobile, the entirety of Gotham City. Batman: Arkham Knight is the complete and ultimate Batman offering. Developer: Rocksteady Games Release: July 23, 2015 Genre: Action Adventure Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PS4), XBOX One (XB1) , Windows PC Publisher: Warner Brothers

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