NFS Most Wanted (2005) vs NFS Most Wanted (2012)

author BojanV03   6 years ago

Need for Speed(2016) vs Need for Speed Underground 2:

As it is said in the video, it's just for showing the graphic improvements over the years. When it comes to the games themselves, both have their strong sides.
Plotwise the 2005th one was better because the 2012 edition of Most Wanted has no story what so ever, all that is said is that you need to defeat 10 blacklist members who apparently don't have names and are called by the cars they drive.

When it comes to physics, i can't really decide which one is better. As you may have noticed from some of my previous videos, the new most wanted... it's like it doesn't even have gravity, drifting is real easy and fun and crashing and destroying other cars will certainly keep you entertained, the only downside that i found is that when your car flips over you are automatically "crashed" and after some artistic camera angles your car resets stopping you from flipping around, doing backflips, barrel rolls and such stuff.

The new Most Wanted doesn't have any visual customization except changing the color of the car by going through gas stations.

Overall i guess the new Most Wanted isn't that bad, but i wouldn't call it better or worse than the old one, they both have some up sides and down sides and they're both special in their own ways..

Thanks for reading, i would be too lazy to do it so congrats to you :)

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