IFearzZzx - Random Edits Episode 4/ Feeds and TrickShots! (BEST)

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Hope you guys enjoy episode 4 drop a LIKE for episode 5! I hope you have a great day!

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Random Edits Episode 4

ItsFearZ vs kid in COD 1v1 BO2 Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed and want more bye ;)

Sorry for not making ep.2 a long time ago the reason why is because some of these lobbies are filled with trickshoters (like these) and one man army noobtubes which pisses me off a lot. But anyways here is ep.2 drop a LIKE for ep.3. COD Ninja Ep.2 (Short)

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NoobTubes..... (MW2)

What I use to record vids... (Elgato)


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