Plush - Back in Time

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My first plush video.
Chaos goes back in time!!!!

Update: I've finally created the Largos! Check them out here: Adding to my 3D Printed slime collection this time is the Dervish Slime, Fire Slime, Tangle Slime and the shiny Mosaic Slime. I created the models in Fusion 360, with the exception of the Mosaic Slime, which I used ZBrush for. After I finished modeling I prepared the models using Simplify3D, Meshmixer and NanoDLP and printed them out on my Wanhao D7 using FunToDo Snow White resin. Then my wife painted these slimes using a combination of primer, airbrush and brush paints. She mostly used the airbrush for the main colors and all the fancy gradient work. Then she used her paintbrush for the smaller details like the eyes and mouth. I'm really happy with how these came out. Let me know what you think! And I'll be adding more to this Slime Rancher series very soon! Printer: Wanhao D7 Filament: FunToDo Snow White Resin Layer Height: 0.1mm Supports: No (Yes for Tangle) 3D Files: Full 3D Modeling Video: Full Painting Video: ==== Affiliate Links ============================== Chelsey's Airbrush: Airbrush Paint: Hatchbox PLA: Filler Primer: FolkArt Acrylic Paint: Delta Creative Paint: Americana Acrylic Paint: Download Fusion 360: Thanks for Watching! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Twitter: Chelsey on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Update: I've created more Slimes! I finally created some Largos. Check it out here: Today is day 12 of #3DPrintmas. And I'm bringing more Slimes to the party. These little guys are from a game called Slime Rancher and these are the last 3 of the regular slimes. I created them in Fusion 360. I used the base of the other slimes I created so the main shape is the same. Then I used sketches to extrude out the extra details and intersect them with the main bodies. The tarr I actually scaled up just a bit since they are bigger than the normal slimes slightly. Then after I printed them out (settings below) I handed them off to my wife to paint. She use filler primer to prep them for painting. Then she painted them with acrylic paints and a paintbrush. Print Settings: Printer: Robo3D R1 & Da Vinci 1.0 Pro Filament: Hatchbox PLA Layer Height: 0.1mm Infill: 20% Supports: No Raft: No I see a lot of people print these slimes without support and 0% infill 3D Files: Thanks for Watching! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Follow me on Twitter:

I'M MR.MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME! ♥ I finally edit this video normally I wanted to upload it about 2 weeks, but the time run so fast it's incredible. Well, I hope you like my video either and don't forget to leave a like here and subscribe ^___^ I can't remember exactly how often I had the hot glue on my fingers xD And also who's hyped for the 3rd Season from 'Rick & Morty' ? ^__^ Hope you like it ^_^ Get the pattern here:

Slime Rancher Not Done

IMPORTANT EDIT: You can also use craft/felting wool, it doesn't have to be cotton! You can find wool from craft stores. I found the sheet of cotton in the hygiene section of my local supermarket, next to cotton balls, make up remover etc. :) I often use it for crafts even though it's not exactly what it's made for, but it works great! :D I hope this helped! ❤ Hi everyone! I hope your winter is going well~ :3 It has been super cold and snowing a lot here, I mean a LOT! I got super inspired to make Alolan Vulpix because I'm surrounded by this winter wonderland, haha. ^_^ Sun and Moon had a lot of amazing Pokemon, and I'm still figuring out which one I'll make next! (Btw, am I the only one who wants the Alolan forms to be available in Pokemon Go? I want my own Snowpix!) Happy winter time! ❤ ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you so much for watching my video, and reading the description. It means a lot to me that someone actually bothers to do that! If you liked the tutorial, would you please consider subscribing? It would mean a lot to me, really! ❤ I will try my best to post 1-2 videos a week so more cute and original DIY projects are on the way! I would like to hear what you have to say about this video, so if you wanna drop a comment, I would appreciate it a lot. :3 Liking or disliking doesn't hurt either! Just let me know what you think, pretty please. T u T Your opinions! Throw them at me! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ "Carefree" and "Life Of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod ★ Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Here's the answer to the most frequently asked question! I won't be answering it in the comment section anymore because all the information you need is right here. ^_^ ”Can you please make my favorite Pokemon?” -I am really, truly flattered that you'd ask that. It makes me really happy to know you like my creations so much that you would like to see me make your favorite! But unfortunately, I'm gonna have to say no for a couple of reasons. :( I'm sorry to have to let you down… but..! -I get asked to make someone's favorite Pokemon almost everyday, and it takes me about four days to be able to finish one video. You do the math. ^_^” -Supplies are expensive, and I'm a 20-year-old still figuring out my financial stability. If I find yellow socks on sale for $1, I buy them and make a pikachu, that's how I choose which sock plushies to make. I can't afford to go and buy a pair of $5 socks (and other supplies) just so I could make your favorite Pokemon. :( Again, I'm really sorry I can't make your favorite. :( If you want to voice your opinion, follow me on Twitter and vote on the polls I occasionally make on Pokemon sock plushies! For example, if I buy pink socks you can vote should I make a Mew, a Flaaffy or a Slowpoke! :3 Want to find me all over the magical world of the internet? Twitter ★ Tumblr ★ Instagram ★


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