Scorpio, Play Anywhere and the Future of Xbox

author Joe Chip   2 years ago

A lot has been happening in the Xbox camp of late, with the cancellation of Scalebound, Resident Evil 7 becoming a cross play title, and the leaked white paper which talked about project Scorpio using upscaling. But what does this all mean for the future of Xbox?

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Yes, it's true. The Xbox One GPU has been overclocked 914MHz. So what does this mean for gaming? Do we see higher frame-rates? Rich investigates. NOTE: Microsoft has now confirmed to us that the CPU remains at 1.75GHz. Subscribe for more Digital Foundry:

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In this video I explain how to strip HDCP 2.2 from the Xbox One S in order to prevent the dreaded HDCP error. This is likely to happen if you have an older 4K television that only supports HDCP 1.4 or if you are trying to connect the Xbox One S to more than one screen, where one is HDCP 2.2 compliant and the other isn't. Hopefully this video will help you if you have one of the above setups, though I'm sure it will apply to other configurations as well. Please note: It has come to my attention that the splitter mentioned in this video is currently out of stock. I will try to source an alternative and list it here ASAP. Don't hesitate to comment, and also contact me on Twitter or Facebook: ►Twitter ►Facebook

What's up Gamers?!? Korrupt Klae here and today I wanted to make a video discussing how to setup Xbox Play Anywhere and give you guys a demo of how to use it. The game I will be using to show you is ReCore the first Xbox Play Anywhere title to be released. List of Xbox Play Anywhere Games! Xbox Play Anywhere: Explained! ►SUBSCRIBE! ►Follow Me! Twitter - Instagram - ►Check Out My Stream! ► Let’s Game Together! Xbox Korrupt Klae PSN Korrupt Klae Steam Korrupt Klae Do you like my videos? If so don’t hesitate to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on any of future videos!

How to Setup XBOX Play Anywhere Program on PC (Xbox One X1 Installation Tutorial) It took me a while to figure out how to play ReCore on PC. I thought this video would help you guys out! What you will need to get full functionality of the Xbox Live Play Anywhere Program. 1. Valid Xbox Live Account 2. DIGITAL copy of the game via the Xbox or Windows Store 3. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is required Subscribe: Twitter Page: Facebook Fan Page: TwitchTV :


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