FRIDAY 13th RAP | Bonecage + Daddyphatsnaps + Dan Bull

author Dan Bull   1 years ago

Thanks to Bonecage and Daddyphatsnaps for the fun collab!
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Words: Bonecage (, Daddyphatsnaps ( and Dan Bull
Music: Bonecage
Video: Bonecage

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Friday The 13th vs Dead By Daylight! Two games highly requested by you guys! Hope we did you justice! Click here if Friday The 13th won: Click here if Dead By Daylight won: Buy this song on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Get NerdOut Merch: Join our Discord: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Spotify: Follow us on Twitch: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Reddit: Songwriter/Vocals - NemRaps Director/Editor - The8thHawk Instrumental - Caliber Beats We love our fans, but PLEASE do not reupload our songs without our permission!

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First collaboration with TheLivingTombstone - check out his channel here, he's going to be uploading the instrumental version ASAP ► This week only: name your price and get ALL my albums. ALL OF THEM! ► ► MP3: ► FB: ► Twitter: ► Spotify: ► T-shirts, hats & loot: ► Become a patron of Dan: == CREDITS == RAPS: Dan Bull MUSIC: TheLivingTombstone ( VIDEO: WhiteEnglishGirl (


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