Flying Minions!? Crazy Hearthstone Bug

author Kinky hearthstone   3 mounths ago

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I tried to replicate the bug found on this chinese website:

Space Jelly - Time
Omniment - Cloudburst

Can you figure out if it is Lethal, yes or no? Test your skills in this video! Featuring (Missed?) Lethals from your favorite streamers & Amaz! Feel free to pause at anytime if you need more time! We really hope you enjoyed this second episode of the Hearthstone Lethal Puzzles Series. Thank you so much for the insane feedback on the first one, we definitely want to make more! Shout-out to Popp9000, Phoenix, EldonRosen and Aikiebo for helping out with this video! -- ZeroMana is a Hearthstone channel, consisting of both short funny videos and longer interesting ones. You won't find plain boring gameplay here, all videos are highly edited and are meant to be original and different from all the Hearthstone content you will see elsewhere. Twitter: Twitch: ZeroMana, Zero Mana, 0 Mana, 0Mana

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