Need For Speed No Limits VR Hands-On / Gameplay on Daydream VR

author Daydream District   9 mounths ago

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Need For Speed No Limits VR has finally arrived on Daydream VR! Check this video for a first hands-on! Spoiler: It's awesome!

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Read the review here: Hosted by: Guy Manspeed So I managed to get my hands on a Daydream View headset and a Daydream-capable phone, and Need For Speed: No Limits VR was the first thing I downloaded. As a fan of arcade racing games this was high on my playlist. There's nothing else quite like it on mobile VR either: VR Karts Sprint is the only other true racing game, but doesn't really compare to NFS. But just how good is No Limits VR? Was it worth the hype? Watch on and find out! Follow me on Twitter @GuyManspeed Game footage captured using a Lenovo Moto Z.

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