DerErklärBär Vs. Flame Leviathan (10er) Solo

author Feuerforst   8 years ago

Real freakout begins at 0:41 so skip to there if you want, but we appreciate the slow burn of the buildup as this guy realizes all his World of Warcraft progress may be permanently erased. Top Ten Most Popular Videos Topless Bikini Beach Prank: Couple Pranks: Top 10 Scare Pranks - 2012 Countdown: Scary Wake Up Pranks: Pranks - Vol. 3: Top Ten Pranks of 2011: Dumb Europeans: Girlfriend Scare Pranks: Crazy Couples Pranks - 2: Funniest Videos of 2011 - Top 10: Best Playlists OUT PRANK with Roman Atwood: Break's Most Awesome: Ultimate Party Fails: Best Scare Pranks: Ultimate Top 10 Videos: Break is a leading creator, publisher, and distributor of digital entertainment content including video, editorial, and games. Subscribe for more hilarious pranks, fails, stunts, and wins. For licensing inquiries please email us at

In diesem Video erfahrt ihr alles wichtige über den Bosskampf gegen Mimiron aus Ulduar (25). Informationen über die einzelnen Fähigkeiten des Bosses könnt ihr auf unserer Webseite unter: nachlesen. Viel Erfolg bei Mimiron!

Original here: armory 00:05 - Flame Leviathan - Orbit-uary 00:52 - Razorscale - A Quick Shave: Razorscale; Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare 02:50 - Ignis the Furnace Master - Stokin' the Furnace 04:04 - XT-002 Deconstructor - Heartbreaker #07:04 #The Antechamber of Ulduar# 07:04 - Assembly of Iron - I Choose You, Steelbreaker 09:03 - Kologarn - Disarmed 10:11 - Auriaya - Crazy Cat Lady #11:21 - #The Keepers of Ulduar# 11:21 - Hodir 13:21 - Thorim - Lose Your Illusion 17:33 - Freya - Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood 20:38 - Mimiron - Firefighter #23:56 - #The Descent into Madness# 23:56 - General Vezax - I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning 27:04 - Yogg-Saron - One Light in the Darkness Two Steps From Hell (Nemesis) - Hunter's Moon (No Choir) Two Steps From Hell (Nemesis) - Atlantis (No Choir) Two Steps From Hell (Nemesis) - Nemesis (No Choir) Two Steps From Hell (Dreams & Imaginations) - Intoxication Two Steps From Hell (Nemesis) - Tristan (Less Intensity) (no choir) Two Steps From Hell (Shadows and Nightmares) - Empire of the Mind Two Steps From Hell (Archangel) - Army of Justice Two Steps From Hell (Legend) - Protectors of the Earth (No Choir) Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Main theme (Batman Begins) Hans Zimmer - Dream Is Collapsing (OST Inception) Two Steps From Hell (Archangel) - Dragon Rider Two Steps From Hell (Power Of Darkness Vol.1 Epic Drama) - What's Happening To Me (Alt 2) Two Steps From Hell (Power Of Darkness Vol.1 Epic Drama) - Atlas (Alt 1) Two Steps From Hell (Nemesis) - Wrath of Sea (no choir) Hans Zimmer - Now we are free (Gladiator OST)

POV: Vengeful (Twink, Heiler) Gilde: Krieger des Halbmondes ( Ich war mit meinem Twink mal mit und hab einfach mal mitgeschnitten (inkl. TS). Leider den Anfang verpennt, aber ist ja eh nix besonderes und wenn nur für Gildenmitglieder interessant ;-)


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