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Like the film, there's a mini-mission to do. Hope you like it! Please comment,sub and LIKE! Some of you are asking how do I set the time on the circuits, so here is how; For example; If you want to go to say, January the 15th 1997 3:30 PM. You enter on the number pad, 011519971530 You're probably thinking "What?!" It's how it was entered in the movies. 01 - January (First month of the year) 15 - The Day number you want to go to. 1997 - Your destination year you want to go to. 1530 - The time, 15:30 is digital time for 3:30 in the afternoon. AM/PM - If you're wondering how to set am or pm, you can't, it depends on what you set the time, if you go to 16:00 which is 4pm, it'll do it for you. Once you have set your time, just press ENTER, then the destination co-ords are set. Hope it helped.

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