King Togwaggle Mill Druid

author HysteriA   6 mounths ago

Crazy and actually viable mill deck utilizing King Togwaggle

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3 Stupid Togwaggle Mill Combos! Make sure to try out Proguides with your 7 day free trial: ▶Follow my Twitch: ▶Follow my Twitter: ▶Mythbusters Playlist: Previous Videos! ▶Hearthstone Mythbusters 45: ▶750 Cards Drawn With Lynessa: ▶5 Kobolds & Catacombs Bugs: ▶100,000 DAMAGE Explosive Runes: ▶Hearthstone Mythbusters 44: ▶King Togwaggle Mill Druid: ▶Bladed Gauntlet OTK: ▶Furnacefire Collosus Warrior: ♫ Music used: Hearthstone 8 Bit -

The Hypothesis: Forest Guide is the kind of card that could empower a new take on Mill Druid in Standard Format. Decklist: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: -- Decksperiment | Hearthstone | Mill Druid Decksperiment

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(K&C Standard) Solo Hunter VS mostly Mages and a Paladin (5 games) ● Buy Kibler merch! ● Subscribe for more videos: ● Watch live every weekday: ● Follow me on Twitter: Music: Piano Concerto no. 5 in Eb 'Emperor', Op. 73 - I. Allegro by Beetheoven, performed by DuPage Symphony Orchestra

Disguised Toast trolls with the new King Togwaggle legendary from Kobolds and Catacombs in Hearthstone. Combo it with Explore Un'Goro for maximum memes. Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2:


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