Captain Underpants And The Preposterous Plight Of The Purple Potty People REVIEW

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Scientists are finding more evidence that there are parallel universes-- parallel, but different to our own. Remember that show "Sliders?" Like that... Kind of. Trace breaks down what this could mean. Read More: Scientists revise Big Bang theory: there may be multiple universes "A NEW examination of what is essentially the universe's birth certificate allows astronomers to tweak the age, girth and speed of the cosmos, more secure in their knowledge of how it evolved, what it's made of and its ultimate fate." Does the Multiverse Really Exist? "Proof of parallel universes radically different from our own may still lie beyond the domain of science." Planck Reveals An Almost Perfect Universe "Acquired by ESA's Planck space telescope, the most detailed map ever created of the cosmic microwave background -- the relic radiation from the Big Bang -- was released today revealing the existence of features that challenge the foundations of our current understanding of the Universe." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube Subscribe now! DNews on Twitter Anthony Carboni on Twitter Laci Green on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter DNews on Facebook DNews on Google+ Discovery News

Our universe might seem huge, but what if this isn't the only universe? Let's explore the idea of a multiverse. Watch More: Are We Alone In The Universe? ►►►► Support Life Noggin on Patreon: Follow Us! Click here to see more videos: Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it's science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it. Life Noggin Team: Animation by Steven Lawson Director/Voice: Executive Producer: Director of Marketing: Head Writer: Sources: Enigmatic - Music from

S2 EP91 would you rather be able to go back and forth among the time stream, or be able to slide through other universes? watch my review of the previous book: watch my review of the next book: no copyright intended! this book belongs to dav pilkey! and also SPOILER WARNING!


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