Need for Speed: Carbon / any% NG+ - 13m15s

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The career is already glitched, by getting busted with your last car being impounded. That cause to have everything unlocked on a new career start. (Usefull for the Engine upgrade)

The bosses of the game are tied to their races, meaning that if you launch the race of a boss, you are put against it.

The way to play the race you need, here the Canyon race of Darius, is to load another save, where every races are unlocked, and select that race from the Quick Race menu.

In a similar way to Most Wanted '05 lapglitch, somehow, the information of the race is saved, and all you need to do, is to launch it.

To launch it, you have to go to the freeroam, then to a race, and select a crew member for the race.

This causes to launch the race you selected in Quick Race.

Credits to George, Grim

Probably I accelerate very much when a driving on two wheels and a slingshot happen at the same time.

This is an old mod. Check out new one here: changelogs in the site and zip Before you comment trash on video quality, i know it is low quality even in 720p. i really dont know how the quality dropped since i had originally recorded in 720p. some common questions may arise How to use this mod? - copy global to root folder of game. press yes on replace prompt. 1. your mod is just like 379felipe tuning mod - if i would have created only bmw mod then many would have requested many features. but this are seperate files from his and is not a modification of his file. 2. what about restored cars? - i tried to add 997s for test, which was successful. but when i tried to load in game for driving, the game crashed. I dont know why game reacts this way. I dont know how felipe was able to revive that. even the fixed files by nfsu360 results in same condition. 3. What about cement trailer? - cement trailer is a retard. it will just come in your way as unwanted interference because it will always detach to the tractor. 4. cops are not appearing in some events eventhough chatter plays successfully. - its just how the game is coded. cops are random thing in game. it will disappear in front of you which is insane. 5. i found something weird. - post in comment section.

Please stop watching this -LenniusPlays

Hey all, another "what happens if" video. Thank you all for your UNBELIEVABLE INTEREST in this series! ---------------------------------- How to reproduce? 1) Download NFS-VltEd v4.5: 2) Extract it anywhere. 3) Get the modscript: (Click "Raw" and save the page with .nfsms extension (All Files).) 4) Open NFS-VltEd v4.5. 5) Click File 🔻 Open (Ctrl+O) and select your game installation directory. 6) Click File 🔻 Import ▶ ModScript (Ctrl+I) and select the .nfsms file you downloaded in step 3. 7) Click File 🔻 Save. (Ctrl+S) 8) Start the game with a new career and enjoy! ---------------------------------- ▶ Thank you all for increasing my sub count really fast! So, I decided to ditch my 5K subs special and make a 10K one instead!

Yeah, I came back to this video 3 years later to rename it. "Wrong Warp" is a term adopted by the NFS Carbon Speedrunning community. Oh, and yes - this video does have outdated information. 1. You don't need to enter the race. Just select it on the quick race map and exit out of it. The race will be loaded into memory regardless. 2. It doesn't have to be York Road specifically. It can be literally any race with a "Change Active Crew Member" button. Would just like to point out that Dillano made a video similar to this with more up-to-date information: Problem is, he credits his friend for discovering this glitch instead of me, since I've made this video in 2014 and Dillano made his in 2016, which is likely when his "friend" enlightened him about this. I'm not really complaining, just sad & disappointed. But hey, if you want one with more up-to-date information, go watch Dillano's video I guess. Tired of using the OOL Glitch, because you keep getting stuck in the void? Or are you just tired of roaming endlessly in the "void", searching for something? Well, I found an alternative for you guys! Although, I found this roughly a year ago (more than a year ago actually), but still a very helpful glitch even today. Hope you enjoyed. Music: Chipzel - Something Beautiful Chipzel - Otis Works on every single version of Need for Speed Carbon, excluding the "Own The City" variants, which were released for portable systems (phones, PSP, DS)


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