Top 20 New STRATEGY GAMES of 2018 & 2019 | RTS War, Turn Based, Tactical Games 2018-2019

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Top 20 New Upcoming STRATEGY GAMES of 2018 & 2019 | RTS War, Turn Based, Tactical Games 2018-2019 | Most Anticipated Strategy Games 2018-2019 for PS4 Xbox One PC

0:00 Total War Thrones of Britannia - April 19, 2018 / Windows PC

1:48 Warparty - TBA 2018 / Windows PC

2:55 The Feud Wild West Tactics - TBA 2018 / Windows PC

3:51 Soldiers Arena - Q2 2018 / PC, Mac & Linux

5:05 Ancient Cities - TBA 2018 / Windows PC

6:07 Bevontule - Q1 2019 / Windows PC

7:23 Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 - TBA 2018 / Windows PC

8:25 Total War Three Kingdoms - Fall 2018 / Windows PC

10:23 Warhammer 40K Gladius Relics of War - TBA 2018 / Windows PC & Linux

11:05 Phoenix Point - Q4 2018 / Windows PC

12:07 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - TBA 2018 / PS4, Xbox One & PC

14:19 Warhammer 40K Mechanicus - TBA 2018 / PC, Mac & Linux

15:22 Galactic Civilization 3 Intrigue - Spring 2018 / Windows PC

16:36 Iron Harvest 1920+ (TBA 2018) / PS4, Xbox One & PC

17:32 Empires Apart - March 29, 2018 / Windows PC & Mac

18:29 Battletech - April 2018 / Windows PC & Mac

20:04 Forged of Blood - Q2 2018 / Windows PC

21:07 Ancestors Legacy - May 22, 2018 / Xbox One & PC

22:01 Frostpunk - April 24, 2018 / Windows PC

23:07 Age of Empires 4 - TBA / Windows PC (Possible consoles release later)


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Hello guys in this video you will see all stronghold games except one stronghold kingdoms ... That game is same as stronghold 1 so that is reason why is not on this list. Thank you for watching! Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: STRONGHOLD 1 : Stronghold is a historic real-time strategy game developed by Firefly Studios in 2001. The game focuses primarily on conquest and expansion through military pursuits, but also provides space for economic strategy and development. There is both an economic and a military campaign to be played and both are discussed in the game manual. In the English version the game takes place in Medieval Britain around the time of 1066; however, since there is not always a time limit, scenarios can continue hundreds of years beyond that date. As well as earning many favourable reviews from reviewers such as PCGamer and GameSpy, the game continues to boast a large community, who edit and create various material through the in-game Map Editor/Scenario Creator.[2] Because of its popularity, the game spawned seven sequels (5 proper sequels + 2 spin-offs) as follows: Stronghold: Crusader (2002), Stronghold 2 (2005), Stronghold Legends (2006) - spin-off, Stronghold Crusader Extreme (2008), Stronghold 3 (2011), Stronghold Kingdoms (2012) - spin-off and Stronghold Crusader II (2014). As, Stronghold 3 was a big failure with lots of bugs in it and getting very low ratings by critics, no further version of this game or sequel was made after it for next 3 years (Stronghold Kingdoms was in development since 2007 but released later). Stronghold Crusader II was released in Sept 2014 and got mixed reviews. Stronghold is still a fan favourite and cult-classic. It has got its own fan following and nearly sold more than 5 million copies including all its versions. STRONGHOLD CRUSADER : Stronghold: Crusader, released on July 31, 2002, is the successor to Firefly Studios's 2001 real-time strategy video game Stronghold.[3] Crusader has much in common with the original Stronghold, but differs from its predecessor in the fact that the game is no longer set in a pseudo-Europe, instead being set in the Middle East during the Crusades.[4] The game features a multitude of new Arabian units that can be purchased in a new building, the mercenary post. Though the Arabian troops do not require any weapons to produce, they are rather expensive. The game was also released as Stronghold Warchest. This version was a compendium of Stronghold and an enhanced version of Stronghold: Crusader, containing additional characters and an additional Crusader Trail. Stronghold Warchest was only released in limited number of countries (i. e. USA or Poland), meaning players in the rest of the world have never encountered the second Crusader Trail, or second set of characters. This changed when an updated version of Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold: Crusader Extreme was released in early 2008 STRONGHOLD 2 : Stronghold 2 is a real time strategy computer game released in April 2005 in which the player develops a stronghold in the middle ages. It is the sequel to Stronghold, released in 2001, also by Firefly Studios.[1] The game engine was enhanced over the original Stronghold to provide full 3-dimensional graphics. Other changes include new military and peace campaigns and the addition of crime and punishment, allowing players to torture unruly peasants. A number of new characters were also introduced. STRONGHOLD LEGENDS : Unlike the previous Stronghold titles, Legends gives the player a choice of different starting rulers with different troop types (including King Arthur and his knights of the round table, Count Vlad Dracul, and Siegfried of Xanten). Other new features include cooperative multiplayer against computer-controlled opponents and the choice between different gameplay options for online play (Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Economic War, and Capture the Flag). Each faction has new and unique unit groups. Most special units have their own unique ability, which must be recharged after they are used. Dragons are also available to every faction, but have a set lifetime. All other special units remain on the map until they die. In story mode the players not necessarily bound to their factions special units. Stronghold Legends has been made using a similar graphics engine as Stronghold 2 - the game appeared to be a minor rehash of the previous game on the first inspection. However, playing it revealed that the graphics were considerably improved and new music tracks had been added. More units were available; features like crime were removed entirely, minor changes like this have altered the gameplay experience slightly. It was included in the Mastertronic range of games in the UK, showing its popularity. STRONGHOLD CRUSADER EXTREME STRONGHOLD 3 STRONGHOLD CRUSADER 2 STRONGHOLD 4 COMING SOON 2018

These are 20 Strategy War Games for 2018. GamesList: 00:05 Check your 6 00:47 Panzer Strategy 02:00 Soldiers Arena 03:42 Steel Division Normandy 44: Back to hell 04:17 Taste of Power 06:04 Empires Apart 06:58 Bannermen 08:14 Warparty 09:25 Northgard 10:41 Warhammer 40K Gladius Relis of War 11:30 Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 12:38 Phoenix Point 13:40 Battletech 14:06 Ancestors Legacy 15:21 They are Billions 16:39 Iron Harvest 1920+ 17:38 Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia 19:10 Total War Three Kingdoms 21:05 Age of Empires Definitive Edition 22:46 Age of Empires 4

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Iron Harvest is the new real time strategy game with mechs, alternate history nations and lots of action. Here is some B Roll footage of Iron Harvest gameplay. More to come so keep your mouths open Kickstarter: Discord: Facebook : Twitter : Twitch Account : Steam Group : Subreddit : Interested in joining a network? Then sign up for unionforgamers here : My channel is a variety gaming channel with videos of multiple games being posted daily, ranging from grand strategy and RTS games. Now many of the videos are made in a Let`s Play format but I also do casts as well as many other things such as guides and tutorials.

These are 10 real time strategy games expecting to release this year 2018. GamesList: 00:05 Warparty 01:19 Soldiers Arena 03:01 Ancient Cities 04:38 Ancestors Legacy 06:03 Total War Thrones of Britannia 07:54 Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 09:07 Frostpunk 10:58 Iron Harvest 1920+ 12:09 Total War Three Kingdoms 14:01 Age of Empires 4


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