BATMAN: The Enemy Within FULL Episode 5 All Cutscenes (Vigilante Path) Same Stitch | Game Movie

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This is the fifth and final chapter of Batman: The Enemy Within, a five-part, episodic game series that continues Telltale's unique take on the Caped Crusader after the events of Batman: A Telltale Game Series.
What would you choose: a friend whose unhinged approach to justice turns your allies against you, or a sworn enemy who will stop at nothing to see you suffer as your city burns? Based on the relationship you’ve built with John Doe, you'll see one of two very different stories play out. So what’ll it be, Bruce: friend ... or foe?


Harley's Best Outcome - Batman Telltale Series Season 2 The Enemy Within Episode 3 - Fractured Mask (No Commentary Gameplay) (Batman The Telltale Series Season 2 2017) My full game complete walkthrough part 1 and until the ending will include the prologue, a review, all cutscenes game movie, all characters, all choices, alternative choices and all endings, all episodes of the Batman Season 2 The Enemy Within Telltale Series for PS4, Xbox One and PC - Episode 1: The Enigma, Episode 2: The Pact, Episode 3: Fractured Mask, Episode 4: What Ails You and Episode 5: Same Stitch along with the ending of the single player game. Batman Telltale Series Season 2 The Enemy Within on Steam -

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(Animated film: Batman: Assault on Arkham. The legal owner: MC for Warner Bros.).

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