Need For Speed Payback (FUN, Fast and Easy Money, REP and Token Farm)

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Need For Speed Payback (FUN, Fast and Easy Money, REP and Token Farm)

I apologize if the thumbnail seems clickbaity.

If you do around 9 of this race you will level up your rep and also get a base shipment, which might give you more money.

The Reason for doing these types of races eg. Circuit or Drift which goes in a loop, is that when you finish the game will put you right at the start where you can immediately restart without driving back to the starting line.

Since the newest update for Need For Speed Payback, races now gives double the amount of money and REP as it used to, now go farm that money and rep =)

Footage is captured on PC, but it works on all platforms.

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If you can read this type, "The Video description will guide you to your questions".
then see how many people actually read the video description.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most highly regarded racing games of all time. Why? Why is it so hard to replicate what Most Wanted accomplished over a decade ago?


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