[Hearthstone] Warrior Vs Lich King

author D3   1 years ago

Link to the deck: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/931014-warrior-vs-lich-king

(KFT Solo Missions) How to beat the Frozen Throne with Warrior (00:00), Shaman (09:04), Druid (15:22) For Hunter, Rogue, Paladin and Warlock: https://youtu.be/GljwklKOltk For Priest and Mage: https://youtu.be/38T9l5453r4 ● Buy Kibler merch! http://crowdmade.com/bmk ● Subscribe for more videos at http://bit.ly/shiroarmy ● Watch me live every weekday at http://twitch.tv/bmkibler ● Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bmkibler

Hearthstone Best Value Moments | Knights of the Frozen Throne Moments - Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments! Frozen Throne Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays! DK! Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast Pro highlights! KotFT! Best of Hadronox, Ultimate Infestation, Valeera the hollow. ►Best Value Moments - Un'goro: https://goo.gl/cxJByv ►Best of Rotface: https://goo.gl/Wpz69B ►Send me hearthstone moments! -https://www.hearthstoneplayshs@gmail.com CREDITS: (0:00): https://goo.gl/aRJTLz (Wah What's Up 1 - Anders Bothén) (0:47): https://twitch.tv/gaarabestshaman (Boogieland 2 - Stefan Netsman) (1:53): https://twitch.tv/agentseal (Rebel Soul (Instrumental Version) - Martin Carlberg) (2:24): https://twitch.tv/savjz (Martin Gauffin – Crossing Manhattan 2) (3:05): https://twitch.tv/vanhoanson (Blues Blast - John Deley) (3:45): https://twitch.tv/sonecarox (Shake Down - Gavin Luke) (4:12): https://twitch.tv/j4ckiechan (Latin Dinnerjazz 2 - Magnus Ringblom) (4:35): https://twitch.tv/realitytruth121 (Joachim Nilsson - Mohawk 3) (5:07): https://twitch.tv/swatehs (Do Right By You (Instrumental Version) - Johannes Hager) (5:33): https://twitch.tv/snoodyboohs (Pink Shoes 2 - Martin Landh) (6:24): https://twitch.tv/danehearth (Kevin MacLeod - Zap Beat) (7:21): https://twitch.tv/sung0 (Sax, Rock, and Roll - Kevin MacLeod) (8:10): https://twitch.tv/grinninggoat (Fly And The Family Wonder 4 - Anders Bothén) (8:50): https://goo.gl/jPrwSB (Wasted Education 2 - Anders Bothén) (9:20): https://goo.gl/iC3Zpb (Modern Day Funk Fiesta 2 - Anders Bothén) (9:55): https://twitch.tv/ayeedirty (Daredevil 2 - Johannes BornlOf (10:36): https://twitch.tv/reynad27 (Skyfall 1 - Johannes Bornlöf) (11:15): https://twitch.tv/librizzi (64 Sundays - Twin Musicom) (11:39): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz-nRMvYc4w (Glitz At The Ritz 3 - Gavin Luke) (12:28): https://twitch.tv/sjow (Cool Cat Alley 2 - Victor Olsson) (13:25): https://twitch.tv/boarcontrolhs (Jim Yosef - Firefly [NCS Release]) Outro Music Sound: http://www.zedge.net/ringtone/1052180/

I got to legend with this deck today :D If you want you chance at winning this week's card pack giveaway, Subscribe to the channel and leave a comment down below and I'll enter you in a drawing! Feel free to join my discord server to talk about anything hearthstone: https://discord.gg/tMbd5aU MRobinette made the animated intro! He's a long time fan of the channel and decided to help out by making fan art and animated all of it by himself! Praise the roof :D The music was created by my brother, you can check out the complete song right here: https://bandcamp.com/nyto Here is the sweet decklist on Hearthpwn: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1096408-updated-legend-murloc-paladin-71-winrate-from

Please watch: "GUNSPIRES, AND HOW TO SLAY THEM" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwVKk2NDe_E --~-- We have a brand new discord server here is the link: https://discord.gg/2rTsME If you wanna participate to our weekly giveaways, make sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment down below! Bring it dude! Here is the decklist: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/917356-easy-first-try-lich-king-exploit

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