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Hey Dads,

Blokus is a fun strategy board game that you can play for a family game night. You can play Blokus with up to 4 players, so it is a perfect board game for couples or a great board game for kids. I really like this game because it takes some strategy to play it and I noticed that it makes my kids think about their next moves.

This is one of the top strategy board games and the game of Blokus has won many awards including the Mensa Select Competition Award, 2003 Good Toy Award, Teacher's Choice Award, and Toy of the Year.

Also, if your kids are too young to understand how to play Blokus then you can just set the game board out for them and let them get creative making their own pictures with all of the different blocks that they have. That is what we did with our kids before they understood how to play Blokus.

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