Batman Arkham Knight Saving Stagg

author Connor Wayne   3 years ago

Batman Arkham Knight Saving Stagg from Scarecrow

Join me as I continue my let's play adventure on Batman: Arkham Knight. After successfully destroying the Cloudburst, Poison Ivy has gone quiet. I must find out what's happened to her and clear the rest of the toxin.

Batman Arkham Knight Johnny Charisma boss fight on hard mode in 4K. You can get the game from Amazon here: Core i7 4790k GTX Titan X 32GB Ram ✪ Subscribe!

Hey, a little fun video of what the villains have to say about scarecrow's attack on GCPD. (you can't capture deathstroke before the assault). BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT!/fr-ch/tid=CUSA00135_00

*Spoiler* Batman Arkham Knight Jason Todd's death? Joker kills Robbin? -- Watch live at


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