Bicycle. A safety first book written by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel.

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Bicycle. A safety first book written by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel.
Illustrations by Tom Dunnington.
This is a Safety First book with safety rules about riding a bicycle.
A dog and a cat, named Rover and Basil, get on their new bikes.
They don't have a clue how to stay safe.
Ollie, the Safety Owl, helps them with great safety tips and rules.
This is a picture book for all children who want to ride a bicycle.
It shows signs and shows dangerous situations and how to prevent them.

From the Music Technology Literacy Project. High school students present a popular story with original music, voice recordings, and sound effects. May this project inspire young people and those young at heart to continue reading. If you like this story, please check out the book at your local library. The teacher is Mr. Jason Bennett.

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! Info: An audio and picture video of the beloved mischievous monkey, Curious George and the Firefighters. Picture book by: Margaret & H.A Rey's Disclaimer: all rights reserved to the author, illustrator, and publishing affiliates For business contact: Lynne @

Elementary School Version - English FHWA produced three bicycle safety education videos and three pedestrian safety education videos for different age groups of children (ages 5-9, ages 10-14, and ages 15-18). You may view the videos here, but also visit the Pedestrian Safer Journey ( and Bicycle Safer Journey ( for more resources and quizzes. Available in English and Spanish. | Interactive multimedia DVD teaches bicycle safety to children in grades K-3, ages 5-9. Use to assess safety after brain injury and injury prevention. By Oregon Center for Applied


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