Bicycle. A safety first book written by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel.

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Bicycle. A safety first book written by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel.
Illustrations by Tom Dunnington.
This is a Safety First book with safety rules about riding a bicycle.
A dog and a cat, named Rover and Basil, get on their new bikes.
They don't have a clue how to stay safe.
Ollie, the Safety Owl, helps them with great safety tips and rules.
This is a picture book for all children who want to ride a bicycle.
It shows signs and shows dangerous situations and how to prevent them.

From the Music Technology Literacy Project. High school students present a popular story with original music, voice recordings, and sound effects. May this project inspire young people and those young at heart to continue reading. If you like this story, please check out the book at your local library. The teacher is Mr. Jason Bennett.

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Rabbit and Hedgehog are best friends. One day they talk about their birthdays and decide to give each other a birthday present. Will they like their presents? You will like this cute and warm story about friendship! The Birthday Presents by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Read aloud for you by Little Angel Reader Welcome to Little Angel Reader where we read different wonderful books aloud so your children can follow along and practice their reading skills or just enjoy listening to great read aloud books and expand their vocabulary, have an unusual short storytime + fall in love with reading! If you are studying English as a foreign language, you will love our channel because it’s full of amazing educational resources, including read aloud books. Little Angel Reader presents read aloud storybooks for children and adults. Read aloud books are also a great learning resource for students of English as a foreign language. We post story books and picture books every day – famous and not so famous. We choose best books of the best for you and your kids to enjoy and benefit from! Our educational channel is a safe place where children can explore the magical world of books and learn something new! **Copyright information** All material is owned by the creators (authors, illustrators, publishers) displayed or mentioned in this video. Reading this storybook was done under the Fair Use of a copyrighted work for entertainment & educational purposes.

The farm is a unique setting in that it is both a home and a work place, it can offer children an endless backyard to explore, though may also be home to a number of hazards which can cause injury or death. The most common causes of childhood injury or death on the Australian farm is from drowning in dams, quad bike accidents, and injury from farm machinery and farm animals. With the support of the Western Australian Department of Health, Kidsafe WA has developed this animation to promote safety and prevent childhood injuries on farms.


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