World Of Tanks Blitz ( He Hesh test )

author UltraMadNoob   8 mounths ago

Best shots on Kv-2 & Rhm, lucky shots without skill ;)

Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: This is a tutorial on HESH rounds. Hopefully you guys will learn how to use them from this tutorial. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe! Tags and Stuff: yt:quality=high glenn0010 worldoftankscom world of tanks wot 8.1 10 medium destroyers physics momentum rendering system render engine heavy light tips tricks tutorials let's play gameplay game mmo rpg how to guide pandycol darqueling maps t62a wz-111 port jagd panzer e100 t110e4 t110e3 t110e5 50 ausf 48 a1 patton lets russian tank object 263 268 su 100 m1 101 122-54 commentary British premium matilda black prince angle fv215b fv4202 fv churchill crusader m10 panther schnaltrum type 59 chinese 8.2

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