Call of Duty infinite warfare - Tactical TDM - First Time Sniping

author Snipu 54   2 mounths ago

The best kills of the week on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare are here!! ►Subscribe: ►Twitter - SHARE & LIKE on the road to 500k Subs!!! VOTE in the comments below for which your favorite is & they will advance to the Kill of the Month & WIN a T999 T-Shirt!! ►T999 Merchandise - For business enquiries: Call of Duty returns with Infinite Warfare & so the Top Kills of the Week return bigger & better than last year. Every week you will vote for your favorite & that kill will move on to the kill of the month. Then the winners of each month will move on to the kill of the year & one of your kills will be crowned the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Kill of the Year for 2017. Drop a link to your kill/video entry in the comments below or on twitter to get involved & thanks to everyone for their support!! SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - ► Instagram - ► Facebook - ► Snapchat - GAMING ► Xbox Live - TommyT999 ► PSN - TommyT999 ► Steam - TommyT999 ►Twitch - ►Donate & support the T999 - SAVE MONEY ★ Get my gaming chair!! Use code "T999" for 5% discount UK/EU - USA - ★ 10% OFF KontrolFreek!! Use code "T999" ►Subscribe here: Music Detonate - Mikael Persson feat. Victor Bruno (Instrument Stem)



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